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Wood and Iron Accent Table Set of 3

Wood and Iron Accent Table Set of 3

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Introducing a captivating set of three Wood and Iron Accent Tables that redefine versatility and style in your living space. With varying dimensions of 10.5 inches in diameter and 20.75 inches in height, 12.25 inches in diameter and 25.25 inches in height, and 14.25 inches in diameter and 28.75 inches in height, this set effortlessly combines form and function.

10.5"D x 20.75"H, 12.25"D x 25.25"H, 14.25"D x 28.75"H

Crafted with a perfect fusion of wood and iron, each accent table in this set boasts a unique design that adds a touch of industrial elegance to your decor. The circular wooden tabletops showcase natural grain patterns, while the sturdy iron frames provide stability and a contemporary edge.

Whether arranged together to create a dynamic tiered effect or scattered throughout your living space for a cohesive yet eclectic look, these accent tables offer a versatile solution for both display and practical use. Place them next to your sofa for a convenient surface to hold drinks or decor items, or use them individually as stylish pedestals for plants or sculptures.

The Wood and Iron Accent Table set is not just functional; it's a visual symphony that harmonizes the warmth of wood with the rugged charm of iron. Elevate your interior design with this set that effortlessly blends modern aesthetics with timeless materials.

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