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Metal and Wood Side Basket Tables (Set of 2)

Metal and Wood Side Basket Tables (Set of 2)

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Introducing a dynamic duo of Metal and Wood Side Basket Tables that seamlessly blend form and function in your living space. This set of two tables, with dimensions of 11 inches in diameter and 15.5 inches in height for the smaller table, and 13.5 inches in diameter and 20.25 inches in height for the larger one, is a testament to the perfect marriage of industrial flair and natural charm.


Crafted with precision, the tables feature a combination of sturdy metal frames and wooden tabletops, creating a striking visual contrast. The smaller table offers a compact and versatile surface, while the larger counterpart provides a more substantial area for your convenience.

The unique design of these side tables incorporates basket-like elements, offering additional storage space for your magazines, blankets, or other essentials. This thoughtful combination of aesthetics and practicality ensures that these tables not only enhance your decor but also contribute to an organized and clutter-free living space.

Whether placed together to create a coordinated look or used separately to complement different areas of your home, these Metal and Wood Side Basket Tables are a versatile addition to your interior design. Elevate your decor with this set that effortlessly blends the robustness of metal with the warmth of wood, providing a stylish solution for both display and storage needs.


11"D x 15.5"H

13.5"D x 20.25"H

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